Second Class Dining

Second class menu given on April 14, 1912. Courtesy of

Second Class Food

    Although most of the food given to the first class passengers was also given to the second class members, second class had less variety to choose from. But, they did have some dishes that first class did not have. If you look at the second class menu you can see that they had less minced meat loaves and rare meats than first class. They had more common meats such as chicken and turkey with elaborate sauces. As you can also see, they had less choices and groups to choose from. They did not have "from the grill" or "cheese" groups, they simply had "dinner". As an example, the first class menu had a whole section just for a variety of almost ten cheeses. But on this second class menu, they simply have cheese. Below you can see some of the popular dishes on the second class menu.
The second class dining room. Courtesy of

Second Class Dining Room

    The second class dining room was large enough to fit all of the many second class passengers. Everyone sat together at long tables that stretched the length of the room as you can see in the photo (by the way- the tables had tableclothes they are just now pictured in this photo). The second class passengers also had a band that played for them while they ate. The band also gave concerts in the lounge after they ate.